Monday, 27 January 2014

Day 29 began at 4:30 AM with my wife telling me to wake up and take my Abiraterone.  I did that and then went back to sleep again so that by the time we were ready to go, we were late and ended up having to take the tube to Euston and then run for the bus.
I was loping along at a high speed, not exactly sprinting and not even out of breath so I guess that means that despite the cancer and the radiation, I'm fitter than I've been since I reached puberty.  That's very much a plus.
Even so, we arrived to find the doors locked until some kind soul let us in, informing us that it was only twenty past seven.  There was still nobody there when I tool my enema, nor even twenty minutes later, when the enema took effect and I had to rush to the toilet.
The time passed really quickly because I spent it doing a writing exercise followed by a sudoku. Until, of course, the time came for the treatment.
I was busting.  I told them I was busting but lay down anyway until part way through the day's treatment, I could not stop moving as I tried desperately to hold it in.  They stopped the treatment and then had me pacing up and down while they looked for a urine bottle.  But they couldn't find one so I had to go empty my bladder in the toilet, then return to the waiting room, drink one more cup of water, and then wait ten minutes for them to call me.
Everything went without a hitch this time, but I still had to run to the toilet at the end of it.
More was to come.  This afternoon, my constipation disappeared dramatically to be replaced by diarrhoea.  So much for anticlimax.  I may have spoken too soon.

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