Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Day 36 hit me like a bullet in the gut.  There was a tube strike, and all the buses were chocablock even before 6AM.  Everything was all the more hectic as a result of that.  Somehow we still arrived before the doors were unlocked, but it wasn't long before Edith, the cleaner came to unlock the door.

Everything went well as we waited.  I was reading Stranger in a Strange Land, even found time to write a poem while I was waiting. (Something I should never have stopped doing back in my twenties).

Once more I fell asleep on the table, so I was fairly comfortable.  But then, when I came home, the fatigue was like a brick wall, and my guts exploded time after time.  I was knocked out and slept for most of the afternoon and still feel like I'm in zombie mode.

Whew.  Like I have the Old Man of the Sea on my shoulders.  I'm glad tomorrow is my last day of radiation therapy.

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