Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Days 34 and 35 passed with little or nothing in the way of hitches.  I had a little pain today in my groin.  There were something like five or six separate moments of extreme pain, each over in a second.  I don't know what caused them but for a moment, they were horrible.

Yesterday, I met an old woman who was sitting outside, waiting to see whether she could have palliative radiotherapy to stop the constant pain from the tumor in her skull.  She'd already lost both breasts, eight years before but for a while after that she was able to begin swimming again.

Now though, she was cheerfully dying in great pain.  The radiotherapy she was seeking would not cure the cancer but might reduce the constant pain.  She still smiled as she explained that she was waiting for the doctor to see her and decide whether she could have the treatment.  She thought this unlikely though because her mouth and throat were both full of ulcers from earlier treatments.

Today, one of my fellow patients noted I would soon be finished.  He said I must be looking forward to eating Brussels sprouts again.  Actually it's cabbage, especially red cabbage I'm missing, but now I understand I'll have to wait another two weeks before I can have that.  So it goes.

Two treatments left now.  Soon it'll be over.

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